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Talk @ Paris Rust Meetup

This week, I have been at the Paris Rust Meetup. Meeting all sorts of Rust people was great fun, and the Mozilla offices in Paris are absolutely impressive. You should totally check them out if you have a chance.

On that meetup, I gave a short talk about the current status of my formalization of the Rust type system. That was rather spontaneously arranged just two days before the meetup, but it was definitely worth it. If you are interested in what this work is all about and where we are currently, you can go watch the recording of the talk at Air Mozilla. My talk covers the first 20 minutes of that recording, but you should just keep on watching as I was followed by Niko and Aaron talking about Rayon and Tokio.

I am aware I have been rather silent here over the last year. I do have some topics in the pipeline that I’d like to write more extensive posts on (some of which I hinted at during the talk). Hopefully I can find some time to write them Soon (TM).

Posted on Ralf's Ramblings on Jan 20, 2017.
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