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Google Open Source Peer Bonus

We are all used to spam emails, supposedly from Google, that say “You won” and I just need to send all my data to somewhere to receive my lottery payout. When I recently received an email about Google’s “Open Source Peer Bonus” program, I almost discarded it as yet another version of that kind of spam. But it turns out sometimes these emails are real! Meanwhile the official announcement has been released which lists me as a recipient of this bonus as a thank you for my work on Rust. So this one time, it wasn’t spam after all!

Thanks a lot to Google for this program at the $250 reward; it is great to see open source work honored this way. I have donated the amount in full to noyb, who I’m sure will be using it for good.

Update (2024-01-07): In fact, this is already my second Google Open Source Peer Bonus. The first was in the first half of 2023. Due to issues with the payment process, it took a while for that bonus to be transferred, but I can confirm that it has now arrived in my bank account. I will have to find a suitable non-for-profit to donate this to… or it might be noyb again, we will see. /Update

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